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2016 Hair Trends

With 2016 fast approaching, we thought we’d have a look at the emerging trends for the coming year.

Buttery Blondes

After a few years of cool blonde shades popping up all over, warm blondes are making a comeback. Think more buttery beige and sandy blondes with less icy blondes.


Get ready to see this French word, meaning “copper,” all over the place as this shimmery shade gets big in 2016. The cuivre trend of intense copper is going to be the most popular shade of red in 2016.

Streaks of Neon

If the all-over neon hair colours of 2015 scared you away from unnatural shades, you’re in luck. A strong presence of neon accent pieces will be seen in 2016 on those wishing to express their carefree, fun, and adventurous side.

Pillowy Soft Blondes

Delicate blonde hues are about to get big with blonde hair in 2016 being pastel. These shades will be soft — almost see-through. If you do decide to go ultra-light, be sure to read up on all the care light locks require. The worst thing you can do after bleaching and processing your hair is let it get dry, dull, and scraggly.

Pastel Glamour

Pastel shades are anticipated for 2016.  If unnatural dye colours bring messy hair to mind, just wait until you see all the pretty pink, purple, and blue ‘dos styled to perfection.


Another fun way to wear colour without committing your whole head, dip-dyed hair looks exactly how it sounds. This playful colouring technique creates the illusion that the hair has simply been dipped in dye. It looks as fun as all over colour, but without the hassle of having the grow out or dye over your entire head of hair when you get bored of it.

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