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5 Minutes with Dina Olumbe

What do you love most about being a Hair Stylist?

“I love making my clients feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.  I enjoy teaching them what best suits their own personal style and I learn from them as well.  We have some great discussions about favourite restaurants and fun places to visit, we catch up on all the gossip too!”

What is your best haircare tip?

“Use a L’Oreal Steam Pod at home.  It makes your hair feel nourished and keeps it healthy at all times.  It’s so easy to use and gives you fabulous results.”

Your favourite celebrity style?

“Khloe Kardashian.  Her hair is always changing.  She keeps it long and wavy and the colour changes from blonde to a dark chocolate ballyage.  It suits her funny personality and makes a statement as she is never afraid to voice her opinion.”

What do you tell all of your clients?

“Use a Heat Protectant Spray before using any styling tool.  They protect your hair from the heat and the environment, and are great to use even if you are letting your hair dry naturally.”

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“Every woman should know a good shoe repairman, a good hairdresser, a good beauty therapist, and keep her feet and toes beautiful and polished.  Never date a man whose shoes can fold in half, never date a man with balls on his socks, never date or marry a man who is better looking than yourself.

Most of all, never leave the house without colour on your lips.”

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