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Hair Extension Excellence

Have you ever wished for hair like Rapunzel but not wanted to spend your days waiting for it to grow?

If so, you need to come and see our resident Hair Extension expert Dina.  We only use 100% human hair of the finest quality, and Dina uses a weave method to attach the hair.  What this means is that your hair doesn’t get mistreated by having glues, tapes or damaging beads added.  The natural hair is braided, and then the extension hair is weaved or sewn into the braid.

You also need to make sure you care for your extensions properly to ensure you get the best results.  We recommend you treat your hair gently, and Dina can discuss with you which products will suit you best for your haircare regime once you leave the salon.  Care needs to be taken when brushing and always use a wide tooth comb or detangler to make sure you are not pulling your hair by trying to remove knots.

Your extensions should last between 10 – 12 weeks before you need to have them moved – if you have cared for them properly.  The hair itself will last for more than a year if you have followed Dina’s advice and used our recommended L’Oreal products at home.

Dina advises every hair extension client to come and have a complimentary consultation so she can discuss all the do’s and don’ts, and she can answer any questions you may have.

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