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Soft Curls with GHD

How to get those luxurious big soft waves from tight curls. So you’ve curled your hair, but you think its too curly and not the effect that you wanted.
Don’t fret! Its actually the correct way to get the look that you want and make it last. So let’s get started with your GHD Classic.

First things, give your hair a big brush with a natural bristle brush to smooth out all those ringlets.

Pop in some nice leave in Mythic Oil to smooth the cuticle and relax the curls so they aren’t fluffy.

Gently backcomb any curls that are still too tight.


Big soft curls are all yours. Seal with a light holding hair spray so you still get beautiful bounce to your hair.

Another way to get bigger waves, try using the large GHD, or a large barrel curling tong.

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