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Words from the Weft – Meet the Bobs

“Have you met the bob family?”

With more and more celebrities opting to get rid of their extensions, we are seeing variations of the bob becoming the hottest trend in hair. It’s the perfect answer to the question “to chop or not to chop?” LOBs and WOBs are both short enough to save you hours of styling time, but still long enough to pull back into a stylish ponytail when you need it. Another great quality with these hot new trends is that they suit all face shapes and hair types.

Fine hair looks thicker and can be easily styled to have a lot more volume. Thick hair isn’t as heavy on the head and saves half the styling time. Wavy or straight hair can both be easily managed too with these new styles. Finer, straighter hair would benefit from using a texturizing spray through the mid length’s and ends.

Try L’Oreal Wild Stylers – Beach Waves or Scruff Me to help get some edgy movement into your style.

So what is the difference between the classic bob and the new trending LOB and WOB’s?
The classic bob came into fashion and changed the world in the 1920’s,  and then you could only have a bob done in a barber’s shop.  Thankfully it is no longer an outrage for  women to cut off their hair. It was a huge change to society – women all over the world chopping off their long locks. So surprising that just a simple hairstyle helped contribute to the equality of our society and the empowerment of women. With a classic bob you can expect no layering and very blunt edges, think of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, or the classic soft finger waves like the iconic Coco Chanel.

Today’s more on trend bobs are a lot more textured and relaxed. The WOB is the short term for Wavy Bob.  To achieve this look you need to have your hair cut anywhere from jaw skimming to just above or touching the shoulders. Depending on your hair type and texture, your stylist should walk you through what length and layers would suit your hair type and face shape.

The LOB is the longest version of the bob family. With the hair usually skimming along the collar bone, this cut is great for anyone looking to add symmetry to their features, and better suited for rounder face shapes rather than the WOB.

Spice up your new trendy hairstyle with a new colour or highlights.  With every new hair cut the colour should be adjusted to bring out and highlight the best features of your face. With these hair cuts, a 6-8 weekly appointment with your hairdresser will help maintain the length and ensure you bob doesn’t look overgrown or out of shape.

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