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Includes consultation, stress relieving massage, shampoo, conditioner and blow-dry and finish.

Ladies Style-cut

Style & finish from $97.00
Total redesign style cut from $158.00

Men’s Style-cut

Style & finish from $66.00
Clipper cut from $32.00

Hair Styling

Blow Dry

Includes consultation, shampoo, conditioner, massage and finish with volume, or straight sleek and sexy.

Short from $56.00
Medium from $63.00
Long from $73.00
Pamper yourself with a Blow-dry Card: 10 or 20 visits included
Blow-dry Card 10 $560.00
Blow-dry Card 20 $1,019.00

Tonging & Up Styling

Tonging $77.00
Blow-dry & Tonging $101.00
Up style $133.00


For the ultimate in Bridal Styling. Our wedding specialist’s take pride in creating an individual style to complement your natural features, wedding gown and accessories.

Wedding Consultation Complimentary
Senior Stylist Bridal Up-style from $153.00
Wedding trial from $153.00

Hair Perming & Straight Therapy

Texture and curl from $254.00
Straightening & Relaxing from $173.00 per hour

Hair Treatment

Indulgence Treatment from $45.00
Bond Treatment from $50.00
Keune Cream Bath $51.00
Keune Miracle Elixir Treatment $61.00

Hair Colour

Colour is an integral part of ‘creating’ amazing hair. Our highly skilled colour specialists will carry out an in-depth colour consultation, a full assessment of your hair texture and condition. We will advise you and create your personal hair colour which will enhance your individuality.

We use and recommend Keune colour. Prices are subject to change when additional colour is used. A complimentary quote is available for your service prior to commencement.

Permanent Hair Colour

Regrowth $126.00
Regrowth and colour balance from $158.00
Creative Colour from $181.00
Balayage from $250.00
Toner from $46.00
Scalp lightening from $163.00
Colour correction and colour change by quotation


1/4 Head Foils $123.00
1/2 Head Foils $168.00
3/4 Head Foils $204.00
 Full Head Foils $230.00

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour*

Short from $97.00
Medium from $112.00
Long from $143.00

*Prices may alter depending on thickness and length.


Eye lash tint $23.00
Eyebrow $17.00
Eyebrow waxing $23.00
Eyebrow wax and tint $34.00
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